Coconut bowl Black Mother of Pearl

Millions of coconuts are turned into waste after harvesting the flesh, oil and water. They are then burned at large combustion sites, which creates huge CO2 emissions and the release of methane gases that are extremely harmful to the environment. The burning of coconut shells creates a worldwide waste of natural resources.

Mix & Match

From 3 (different) bowls: free gift box!

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Give an ethnic touch to your interior and create instant atmosphere and coziness with Noya’s coconut bowls. The luxuriously finished coconuts are perfect for decoration, storing small items or serving snacks. Each bowl is handmade and therefore unique. Available in different colours and finishes. The wide colour palette of the bowls makes this the ideal gift for friends and family. On top of that you will get an original packaging if you buy a set of 3!
Diameter: +- 14/15cm

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