Noya Headquarters

Industriepark Noord
Bevrijdingslaan 13-15

BE-8700 Tielt 

BTW BE0408 161 845

  +32 (0) 51 269 723

Contact us

    NOYA SALES OFFICE Netherlands

    Billiet Netherlands BV
    Drentse Poort 9A
    9521 JA Nieuw-Buinen

    tel. +31 (0)599 63 33 33
    fax +31 (0)599 63 32 22


    Want to know which shops in your area sell the NOYA collections? Then drop us a line via the contact form above, don’t forget to mention your postal code and we’ll give you a list of nearest shops where you can admire our products! Would you like to distribute the NOYA collections yourself? That’s possible, ask for more information via our ‘distribute NOYA’ page.