Blackwood – Serve your guests in style

Blackwood – Serve your guests in style

Serve your guests in style with these beauties of NOYA! The raw and natural look of this Blackwood collection contributes to the sustainable values of the Noya brand. By mixing tropical raw materials as bamboo combined with minimal design, we create beautiful and unique products.

The trays can be used to enjoy the perfect coffee moments, as well at home or in restaurants and bars. We create something which is so much more than the ordinary. Black is the only color which makes every dish very attractive. So why won’t you spoil your guests with something original?

Material : Bamboo
Maintenance : Just hand wash with lukewarm water

Why choose for bamboo?

Bamboo is an inexhaustible natural resource and does not require any cutting of trees. It’s the ecological and renewable solution in order to fight the world deforestation.

Bamboo is harder and tighter in structure than most of the tropical hardwood types.

A bamboo surface does not damage or dull your knife.

Bamboo hardly absorbs any moist and therefore does not deform.

Bamboo decomposes bacteria very quickly and consequently is very hygienic.

Therefore bamboo is the ideal material for your kitchen.