What if you create two musthaves in most-wanted? MENZA + NOYA : two young companies with a common vision for the future have found each other and offer their collection together.

These products will soon be available through our webshop, in the catalogue below an impression.


Our desire is to gather inspiration in search for the beauty that goes beyond the average.


This is more than a slogan at MENZA. After all, the search for beauty is everywhere in the collection that MENZA is presenting this spring.
a true foreplay of luxury and fun in a summery atmosphere, where MENZA has more than ever created the latest trends.


Classic Love and Modern Living, two concepts that say everything the brand stands for. After one and a half years, the Belgian Menza has grown into a must-have and the promise of innovation in the sector. Every season Menza brings a brand new total concept to a high level, not building on existing but starting from a blank page, which makes MENZA unique. Qualitative and inspiring. It is a mix of cushions and plaids, furniture and even exclusive scented candles in mouth blown glass.


NOYA wants to bring exotic influences and a piece of paradise into your home: Paradise Living! By mixing tropical raw materials with
minimalist design they create beautiful and unique products. The warm and natural look of the collection contributes to the typical rough character of Noya. The first NOYA collection is a statement that confirms the vision of the company: coconut bowls.

M + N

M + N is the signature of the synergy between Menza and Noya. Together they are ambitious but also experienced in developing and distributing exclusive collections worldwide. They aim for what they themselves describe as ‘finer distribution in the higher segment’.

One thing is certain: Paradise Living brings the innovation that retail needs today.